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Kinjo Rubber Co., Ltd

Kinjo Rubber manufactures and designs of various rubbers and plastic components mainly.
We offer absolute quality and capability from diversified viewpoints, and address ourselves to lift up customer satisfaction.

Main Products

Composite molding

Liquid silicone rubber products by composite molding.

Suitable for integral molding with rubbers and plastics, couple of different materials.

Precision diaphragm and sealing

Manufacturing by precision diaphragm and sealing.

Serigraph, coating and various surface processing as secondary processing

Two-color and insert molding

Two-color molding and insert molding

with rubbers, metals and plastics.Suitable for precision and big components,
sealing with water and dust proof.

Soft soil stabilization

Soft soil stabilization.

Design and construction by castle-board drain method which is a kind of
plastic-board drain method with polyolefin resins.Development and manufacturing of
the drain materials, researching before construction and following up consistently after construction.

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